Ham-In-Dang is a residence hall where teachers and principals use when they come to KNUE for educational training.


Address : 충청북도 청원군 강내면 탑연리 332-3

(332-3, Tabyeon-ri, Gangnae-myeon, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea)


《 Facilities users guide 》

1. Please bring your own hygiene products (washing tools, towers, etc).

-Only soap, toilet paper, hair dryer are equipped.

2. Refrigerators are placed at the middle of each floor.

3. Ham-In-Dang’s entrance door will be closed at 11:00pm. So if you want to enter Ham-In-Dang after 11:00pm, please contact situation room or janitor’s office in advance, and ICTE staff will be stand by.

Extension number : (0001)(0002)

Land line : 043-234-2991

4. As Ham-In-Dang is a green building, we strongly prohibit smoking in building.

For smokers, please use resting place (Pagora) outside of building.

5. If you want to use free WI-FI in your room, you may search wireless internet and select your room number.

6. People who want to use computers may use computer room located at 1st, 2nd floor, and computers placed at the middle of 3rd ~ 17th hall.

7. If you lost or broke the entrance card, 15$ will be charged. So please be careful not to lose or break it.

8.  Check in time Am10:00

     Check Out time Am8:30

For extra inquiry, please contact to janitor’s office.

Tell ) 043-234-2991

 Additionally Ham-In-Dang don’t provide you washing tools and towers. Therefor we ICTE committee offer you one free tower. If you want extra towers, they are on sale for 4$ at booth.


Pictures of Ham-In-Dang


함인당 식당.jpg

-Single room-

함인당 1인실.jpg

-Twin room-

함인당 2인실.jpg

2인실 거실.jpg



-Computer room (1st floor)-

함인당 컴퓨터 이용.jpg